Best Balayage Brushes for 2023 Full Reviews

Want to get a balayage look quickly at home? Find our complete guide & review on best balayage brushes right for you. 


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Achieving a naturally swept and flowy looking hair at home is easy now. Want to know how to get balayage painting looks at home quickly? We have brought you the best balayage brushes review to help you select which one is right for you to purchase. 

Balayage is the most popular coloring trend in the hair color industry. It’s a Free-Hand technique with a Balayage brush to get a Sun-kissed and Flowy look. This pandemic has kept us at home and we have to do certain things at the salon. But now you can achieve The perfect highlights at home with these hair coloring brushes. 

Here is the list of products reviews we are going to share

Our Top 6 Picks on Best Balayage Brushes

Framar Hair Coloring Set

Framar Hair Coloring Family Brush Set
Framar Hair Coloring Instruments

You wouldn’t find anyone who doesn’t love the Framar Balayge Brush Set for hair coloring. As professional hairstylists, Framar is our top priority product and I like the Classic Framar Brush most. Moreover, the world’s most popular hairbrush is the Framar one. It can be used for both Thick Hair and Thin Hair.

The Framar family pack product comes with 3 different brushes in three different sizes. Accurate for root touch up and balayage. The family pack has a new Medium-sized Precision brush with a metal pintail. A great addition related to your hair dye kit and hair dye tools. It has accusoft bristles.

The bristles are the perfect blend of soft and stiff to achieve the colorist optimal value. The tapered edges make it easier to apply. 

You can also buy individual Framar brushes if you want. Framer hair coloring brushes comes with

  • Framar balayage brush set 2 pack, which is a premium traditional paintbrush. Also, perfect for the balayage Hair trend. This product comes with two premium brushes. The brushes are high in quality and give you a better experience.
  • Framar classic pink hair color brush, which is perfect brush for balayage techniques. It has soft bristles and have tapered edges. Accurate for beginners. 

Both of the sets have individual smooth brushes according to your preferences. 


  • The finger dent at the brush head makes it more stable. 
  • Sharp tip for quicker and better separation. 
  • The extra-wide brush helps for balayage, highlights, and root touch-ups. 


  • Thin handle. 
  • Wider Brushes sometimes seam of plastic together. And form a serrated edge that ends up pulling hair.

Anself 8 Pieces Set of Brushes

Anself 8 Pieces Brush Set
Anself 8 Pieces Brush Set

If you’re doing balayage hair coloring for the first time at home then Anself 8 piece brushes are ideal products for you. Because you will get everything you want in this package for you.

This product comes with 1 dyeing bowl, 1 comb, 1 double-ended brush, 2 brushes, and 3 hair clips. The rounded bristle helps to make a smooth application for thick hair without fraying. The bowls are reusable and easy to clean. This one is very classy and will give a salon-style experience. Here’s what we like and dislike about the Anslef products.


  • Comes with gloves that protect your hand from bleach and hair dye. 
  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • Bristles are soft and sturdy
  • Quality handles give you enough room. 


  • The clips are not suitable for long hair. 

Mudder 4 pieces Board and Set

Mudder 4 Pieces Board and Brush Set
Mudder 4 Pieces Board and Brush Together

Many of you are a beginner and want to do balayage hair at home. And you don’t have control over your hand. Then Mudder 4 pieces board and color brushes are ideal for you. This is related to beginners.

The package comes with 3 pieces of highlighting board,1 piece hair coloring brush. It is perfect for Salon or home occasions. The pointed color brushes made it easy to do your tasks at home. 

The best feature is the Board of this set. The highlighting board is easier to use and you can mix multiple colors at once. 


  • 3 sizes board to use for different hair lengths. 
  • The brush with the pointed tip helps to get the next section ready. 
  • The boards help to keep the hair tangle-free. 


  • Some users found it difficult to use the comb. 
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Annie Silicone Dye Brush Teal Medium Hair Colors Relaxers and Highlights

Annie Silicone Dye Brush Teal Medium Hair Colors Relaxers
Annie Silicone Dye Brush Teal Medium Hair Colors Relaxers

It is difficult not to waste products. Being a beginner it’s more complicated to have control over your hand. Annie’s silicon dye coloring brush is here to save you a day. 

This package is great for mixing. Comes with two silicone brushes which can be used as paint brush. These will not irritate the scalp which may lead to scalp burns. The brush is better for applying a relaxer to the hair shaft.


  • Doesn’t burn your scalp
  • Easy to apply.  
  • Less product waste
  • Sturdy brushes


  • Difficult to be able to get to the roots or individual strands
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MayaBeauty Silicone Tint Brush Set

MayaBeauty Silicone Tint Brush Set
MayaBeauty Silicone Tint Set

Another version of a silicone tint pack with more features. You’ll get more benefits from Maya beauty’sAnnie’s silicone tint brushes for balayage hair as a paint brush. These silicone brushes still keep the application simple. Every time it touches your scalp, you don’t feel the scraping.

This one comes with two pieces of silicone brushes.  The brushes help to apply the dye easily on the hair.  Also, Don’t forget about the durability of this product.  Doesn’t pull hair and Doesn’t Irritate your scalp. 


  • Brushes are reusable 
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to clean 
  • Beginner-friendly 


  • The color Hot pink is not flattering to some customers. 

Colortrak Balayage Board with a Brush

Colortrak Balayage Board and Brush Set
Colortrak Balayage Board and Brush

Last but not least, on your list we have Colortrak. This is a popular Balayage brush set. This product is for fulfilling an utmost great look.

It comes with a handle. The handle has angled soft bristles like feather that are accurate and precise artistry with straight brush. And the Board handle furnishes comfort and stability while you paint. It contained the palette Board. It comes with peaked feather bristles, perfect for excellent line diffusion and blending.


  • Easy to apply
  • A wide brush covers a wide range of hair at a time. 


  • The board is a little big and unwieldy. 
  • Some customers said the glue wasn’t coming off from the board and made it difficult to use.
  • Bristles are shorter than usual.

Buying Guides for the Best Balayage Brushes for You

We have finished the reviews part. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks related on how to purchase the right product for you. Many Brands pointed with different types of Brushes. So, it is confusing sometimes to choose which brush you should use. Here are things to keep in mind before you purchase. 

Bristle Materials

Your whole hair color depends on the material of the Bristles. So it is essential to know what kind of Bristles are suitable for hairs. If you have rough hair then you need synthesis bristles. Also, people with heavy thick, and long hair need synthetic bristles. On the other hand, if your hair is fine to medium then natural bristles are right for you. 

Type of a Brush

There are various types of brushes according to your hair and skill. 

Usual paint brushes are for beginners. For fine to medium hair, melt brushes are best. It will help your hair to section finely. Moreover, there are other brushes called foam brushes. Foam brushes are ideal to control your hand if you’re not skilled enough. 

Brush Handle

Quality of handles is also important. The handle will make an impact on how you grip the brush and also the coloring. A fine and flat handle can fall from your hand because the gripping won’t be strong enough. Make sure to choose a product with handle that has a thick dense on the head of the brush. Generally, these are made of plastic.

Shape of the Brush

The angle and shape of the brush are very important while covering the hair. A wider brush will cover a wider range of hair. It will give you a thicker and wider color. Best for full hair coloring.

But if you want to highlight, you need Smaller head brushes. Smaller brushes will increase more precision of your strokes. Angled brushes are perfect for highlights and harsh lines.  Broader brushes are for roots and dying larger pieces of hair

Bristle Type

There are two types of bristles. One is harder bristles and one is softer bristles. In the case of roots, sturdy or harder bristles are fine. But if you’re looking for highlighting then softer bristles are for you. Soft bristles will give you enough flexibility and distribute all over the hair. 

Edge Type

Bristle edges make a great impact. Jagged bristles are used for Foliyage. Jagged bristles help the saturation all over your hair. It’s useful to give you a precise saturation. Moreover, for tint applications, you will need flat and thicker brushes. Thicker brushes give you definite highlights. 


Brushes that come with bowls, boards, and combs are more beneficial. Then you don’t have to spend any penny on other ingredients. So make sure to buy brushes with a package or combo. 

Common FAQs

How to use a balayage brush?

First section your hair by Putting the top up and bring the rest of the hair in the front. You should wear gloves and prepare your hair dye. Then cover your hairbrush with dye. And gently sweep through your hairs mid-length towards the ends to paint. Repeat the process on the other sections of your hair. How to use a balayage brush

What is the best balayage technique?

This is a freehand technique. The natural way is picking hair strands. Then sweeping the colors onto the strands. Take individual parts of hair and start sweeping and painting. 

Can you do balayage on straight hair?

Yes, you can perform such techniques on straight hair. Although it looks good on curly hair, doing it on straight natural hair won’t make it worse. 

Does balayage go to the roots?

In this method, You should place the lighter color around the top and blend at the roots. That means it will be very close to the roots but won’t touch the roots. 

How long does a balayage take?

It usually takes 1.5-3.5 hours depending on the density and length of your hair. Also if you’re a beginner it would take more time for you to finish the process. Although at the professional salon services it will take less time. 

Final thoughts

Balayage is the most popular and trending Hair color technique for ages. People still love this and now they’re doing their hair at home. Doing that at home is easy if you know what are the right balayage brushes for you. Hope this article will help you to choose the right brushes for your hair. Let us know

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