Best Curl Sponge Brush Review for 2023

Want to get best Afro hairstyle anywhere and anytime? Check our top 6 best curl sponge brushes for curl twist hair.


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Everyone wants to achieve smooth curly hair locs at home. People with afro hair know the struggle of visiting a salon every week. But that’s not a big deal. as we will review the best hair curl sponge brush for you.

Achieving curly hair at home is not a big deal anymore. Even men are using hair sponge or twist hair sponge to get an afro hairstyle. The hair sponges are convenient and effective well. 

So, you need a sponge brush that suits you. Like hair textures, hair type, hair lengths, hair curls, and hair styles you want. We have listed some of the best hair sponge brushes for you. Let’s check out

Our Top 6 Best Curl Sponge Brushes for Twisted Hair





HALLO Twisting Hair Brush Sponge

HALLO Twisting Hair Brush Sponge

Parabirds Curl Twist Hair Sponge

Parabirds Curl Twist Hair Sponge

Nudred Double-Sided Hair Sponge

Nudred Double-Sided Hair Sponge

RioRand Magic Hair Sponge

RioRand Magic Hair Sponge

SpongeX 3Pcs Varied Magic Twist Sponge

3Pcs Varied Magic Twist Sponge

BEWAVE Big Holes Barber Hair Brush Sponge

BEWAVE Big Holes Hair Brush Sponge

Hallo hair twist sponge

hallo magic barber hair twist sponge
Hallo hair twist sponge

It is Africa’s No.1 twist hair sponge. It includes 4 twist hair sponge brushes to meet all the requirements. You can complete the hairstyle within 5 to 15 minutes according to your hair length and texture. This afro hair sponge is suitable for all types of twist styling.


Hallo afro sponge has 4 sponges. The packaging includes

  • One piece big holes and small waves
  • One piece big holes and big waves
  • One piece small hole
  • One piece big hole

You can do the twist, curl, treads, and wavy hairstyles with the help of the tool. The product is designed with double side holes which is very convenient. The Product Size is 5.6 x 3.6 x 2.2 inches / 150 x 95 x 55 mm. Every sponge has a total number of holes. 32 holes on each side, hole diameter is 8 mm.


  • Very reasonable
  • Skin friendly material
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Best for men and women both.


  • Not suitable if you have wavy and big curls.

Parabirds Curl Twist Hair Sponges

parabirds curl twist hair sponge
Parabirds Curl Twist Hair Sponge

A budget-friendly curl sponge at your service. Parabirds curl twist hair sponge is versatile and easy to use. The high-quality material is recommended by hairstylists for a professional hair style.

It helps to achieve intricate dreadlocks in just a few minutes. Other products don’t help you to achieve that look. Which is the main feature of this product. 


The product comes in an oval shape. Which helps to fit in the palm easily. The blue sponge has big holes. The red has middle holes and the purple yellow sponge has small holes.

All different sizes help to achieve different hairstyles.  The sponge’s dimension is ‎ 8.66 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches.

The packaging of this model is small and travel-friendly. This is designed with high-quality material. And it is reusable.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Portable and reusable
  • Skin friendly material
  • Two-sided design
  • Nice oval shape


  • Not suitable for every type of hair
  • Big holes are not capable of making small twists.

Nudred NuTwist Hair Sponge for Curls, Coils, and Twists

Nudred Double Sided Hair Sponge
Nudred NuTwist Double Sided Hair Sponge

Keep your coils defined with the help of Nudred NuTwist hair sponge. A versatile sponge for your curly hair. Nudred is known for its outstanding material and quality. It is the best curl brush for natural black hair. The high quality durable material of this sponge will last long. Nudred NuTwist hair sponge will enhance your natural curls and gives them volume. 


This model is a product of the Nudred company.  It is a one-sided sponge with small holes. Accurate for small locs and twists. This product should be used on slightly damp hair.

The quality foam is designed to repair moisture, hydrate, and rejuvenate your scalp. It comes with large and small holes according to your preferences. The product dimension is 2 x 4 x 6 inches, 2.4 ounces.


  • Best for African American hair
  • Affordable and durable
  • Can create the professional hairstyle


  • Flimsy and weak
  • Become to fall apart sometimes 

RioRand Magic Barber

RioRand Magic Hair Sponge
RioRand Magic Twist Hair Sponge

For naturally curly hair, RioRand Magic Barber Hair sponge is a unique hairstyle tool. The magic barber brush sponge creates texture to Afro hair.

You can create a professional hairstyle anytime with this unique tool. The double-sided design of this magic twist hair sponge will create beautiful dread locs within few minutes.


This package comes with a sea-themed design. The Green Material is EVA + Sponge(soft skin-friendly). The double side has small and big holes.

The wavy side has perfect small holes for small twists. And the flat side has big holes for big loose curls.

Magic twist hair sponge comes with 190*115*60mm/7.5*4.5*2.4in in dimension. Hole diameter(Flat side):16mm/0.63in ,Hole diameter(Wavy side):10mm/0.39in.


  • Gentle on skin
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Environmental friendly material.
  • Works best on each section


  • Sometimes leave small sponge flakes on cloth and hair.

SpongeX 3Pcs Varied Magic Twist Sponge

SpongeX 3Pcs Varied Magic Twist Sponge
3 Pcs Varied Magic Twist Sponge

Everyone wants a professional hair tool package at home. Now, 3pcs varied magic hair sponge brush is here to save your day. No more bad hair day with magic hair sponge brush.

Get yourself a professional hairstyle at home within minutes. No matter what type of hair you have. It can be done on oily, curly, wavy hair easily.


This package comes with a lot of variations. It has a combination metal hair pick with 3 different twist sponges and curls sponges. This is suitable for all types of hair such as oily, dreadlocks, curly and wavy.

Materials are sponge+EVA The 30-day warranty will make you worry-free. The dimension is 11.69 x 8.43 x 2.52 inches; 1.2 Ounces. Two sponges are double sided and allow you different hairstyles. 

The sponges are reusable, skin and scalp friendly. Gives you styles like a pro. 


  • Unisex (for both men and women)
  • Doesn’t harm your skin and scalp
  • Environmental friendly material
  • Perfect for short hair


  • Doesn’t properly work on long thick hair.

BEWAVE Big Holes Hair Sponge

BEWAVE Big Holes Barber Hair Brush Sponge
BEWAVE Big Holes Barber Hair Brush Sponge

For big curls and twists, Bewave big holes sponge is best option. If you want to get naturally loose curls and locs for your hair, this brush is only for you. It creates natural curls and enhances the volume.

Bewave big holes barber brush sponge is convenient and reusable. The perfect way to get dreads and twists. It is affordable so you can buy it anywhere anytime.


The set includes two hair twist sponges. One side has big holes and one side has small holes. One side will give you a spikey look and another side a curly look. The sponge has 20 big holes and 32 small holes.

The materials are EVA+Sponge. 8 mm hole diameter is going to provide you best curls of the time. This product works best on slightly damp hair. Dimension is ‎ 5.91 x 3.94 x 2.13 inches; 1.76 Ounces. It is portable and travel-friendly. The size of the sponge is 5.59 inches long/3.54 inches wide/2.12 inches high.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Time and money-saving
  • Best for long loose curls.


  • Leaves small sponge flakes according to some customers

Buying guide on Best curl sponge brush

We become confused while buying hair sponges. That’s why here are some buying guides for hair curling sponges according to your choice. The buyer’s guide will give you enough idea of a hair curling sponge. 

Size of Sponge Holes

The sizes of the sponge holes come first when buying a sponge brush. For small and tight curls, go for small holes. For big and loose curls, go for big holes. Sometimes people with thick and long hair go for big holes. And mid-length hair is perfect for small sponge holes.

Some sponges come with double-sided holes for different hairstyles. If you love trying different hairstyles at home, choose double-sided sponges.

Sponge Size

After choosing the perfect holes, now it’s time for the sponge size. You need a sponge that fits in your palm easily. Choose a sponge shaped like an oval. It is portable travel-friendly. Oval sponges are best curl sponge for short hair. For dealing with lots of hair, go for big size sponge.


Choosing the perfect material is the key to get the perfect sponge. Choose environmentally friendly material for a hair twist sponge brush. Do not go for a fragile sponge that leaves flake on your clothes and places.

Try to get durable and reusable sponges. These are perfect for the environment. Some materials may irritate your skin and scalp. That’s why make sure to buy a skin-friendly sponge.

Common FAQs

Are hair twist sponges bad for your hair?

Hair twist sponges aren’t bad for your hair if you use them correctly. Normally you should use twist sponges on damp hair. 
Also do not put too much pressure on your hair while using the sponge. Other than that, hair twist sponges aren’t bad or damaging for your hair.

Can you sponge on straight hair?

You can not use a hair curling sponge on straight natural hair. Hair curling sponges are only for those who have naturally curly, coily hair or short hair.
The hole is going to define and enhance the curl of your hair. But if you have straight hair then the sponge won’t work.

How long does a hair sponge last?

The lasting of hair sponges depend on the way you keep them. If you use it properly then it could be last for 6-8 also depends on which material are you using.
If you are using a high-quality hair sponge then it will last longer than other sponges.

How long should you sponge your hair?

It depends on your hair length. If you have long hair then sponging will take 10-15 minutes. But if you have short hair then it will take 3-5 minutes.

What does each side of a hair sponge do?

Each side of the hair sponge gives you different hairstyles. The wavy part will give you a spikey look and the flat side will give you defined curls.
We would recommend you use the flat side of the sponge. It will define and enhances your curls better.

Should you sponge your wet hair?

You can use hair sponges. But not fully wet nor fully dry. It can damage your hair if you sponge on dry hair. You will get the best result if you sponge on damp hair. 

Can you wash a hair sponge?

You can wash a hair sponge. But if needed. Normally hair sponges don’t need to be washed. But if needed then wash it once. Washing frequently can tear the sponge and the will become fragile.

How do you clean your hair sponge?

Cleaning hair sponge is easy. Just take a little bit of cleanser on your palm. Gently massage the hair sponge and wash it with lukewarm water. Air-dry the hair sponge and you’re good to go.

How do you twist your hair with a sponge?

Damp your hair and use a gel or moisturizer. Then take your sponge and gently rub this in a circular motion on your hair. Do not push it or give pressure. Just gently rub it on an area of your hair.
All the holes of the sponge will twist your natural curl and make it more defined and tight. 

What products do you use for a curl sponge?

There are several products you can use before curling. Usually, you can use water, gel, or hair cream before sponging your hair. It will last longer. The product will define the curls better.

Final Thoughts

After a big chop, you would want to have the best curls out there. Transform your hair in just 15 minutes at home with the best curl sponge. Teens are loving the new short hair trend. 

All the sponges are worth your money. And don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what type of sponge you love the most. 

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